This Summer is FINALLY Over

Yesterday was the first day of autumn, in my part of Texas that doesn’t mean anything for the weather – it is still hot and humid, oh the humidity, why did people settle here?  But I’m just ready for it not to be summer any more, and for me summer starts in May because that’s when I always got out of school as a child (except when I had summer school, but that just distracts from the point. Why did you even bring that up?).  Since the beginning on June:
thumb nail torn off1)  Lived with my in-laws.  I appreciate their kindness, I also never want to do that again, and I’m sure they feel the same way; putting two different families together under the same roof doesn’t work well, hence why they make sitcoms about it, except we didn’t have a laugh track most the time.
2)  Accidentally tore of Jaspyn’s thumb nail.  We went to the emergency room, it took several hours, they misbilled us which made things even more stressful.
3)  Jaxlee was miscarried.  Karah delivered her.  I made arrangements with a funeral home for our daughter.
4)  Storage unit was broken into, several things were stolen or damaged.  Some things just aren’t replaceable, but even for what is it is a huge inconvience to deal with this.
5)  Moved.  Good, but stressful, and we are still unpacking.
6)  Had more than $500 taken from our bank account when someone skimmed my wife’s card info.

These things on top of the “normal” crap that follows me around in life, car payment taken out early, being charged finance and late fees for a card I didn’t have a balance on, car getting scratched up in a parking lot…

Mazzie Grace Souza
This is Mazzie, she’s cute and I just wanted to show her off some 🙂

BUT it wasn’t all bad.  Karah, Jovi, and Jaspyn have handled everything very well.  My co-workers hosted a dinner for us that helped with expenses, some family members that weren’t on speaking terms with each other now are, and all the little things in life that I take for granted continue to happen as needed.  I got to go to Space City Comic Con and meet some cool people, I did a fun run with Jovi and my cousin John, and we got to see Jim Gaffigan live at the Pavilion!

This isn’t a negative or “pity me” post, I am genuinely grateful that so much didn’t go worse and that I have some family and friends that I can trust and rely on.  Some family came in from out of town (for the above-referenced dinner) that I hadn’t been able to see in a while.  And now we are getting rid of a bunch of our possessions, which has given me lots of opportunity to find items and photos from my past.

Even when life isn’t going the way we want it, it is still going on, and that’s something worth being positive about.

So, thank you to everyone who has followed along with our story this year, read anything on my blog, said something nice to me during the day, and/or called, texted, messaged, or emailed me to see what’s up.  I am looking forward to the rest of this year going smoother and being less stressful than the first three-quarters of it.  And my apologies for not always being in the best of moods.

*Featured image courtesy of Texas Parks & Wildlife.

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