Stay Dry, or Get Wet – Your Choice

Air Date:  August 25, 2017

Description:  All jokes aside, stay safe during this storm.

Apparently the apocalypse is coming in the form of Hurricane Harvey this weekend to the Texas Gulf Coast.  People are going crazy!  You go to stores and the bread aisle is empty, which the last thing you’d expect in an age of low carb diet crazes.  But people are raiding the water aisles and canned goods…  And I’m like “Did you not have food at your house already to last a couple days?”  This isn’t gonna take forever.  You got the weekend.  you didn’t have enough food to last the weekend so you need to go empty the a whole store aisle?  And water?  Do you not have water at your house?  And then gas stations are running out of gas.  If you’re so worried about the flooding and storms, where are you driving to that you need so much gasaline to get to?  Staty safe, stay dry, or get wet!  you know, whatever you’re into, I don’t judge.

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