Quickies With Kyle: School Supplies

Air Date:  August 6, 2017

Description:  Stuck between parents that didn’t believe what I said about the teacher, and a teacher that didn’t believe what I said about my parents; all because of two stupid folders!

Sorry about the background noise in this Quickie, I’m doing it on the side of the road tonight.  So, I’ve been seeing a lot of “back to school” and school supplies stuff in the store:  When I was a kid and needed school supplies my parents gave twenty dollars to the school and I was set for the year.  They gave me this little kit, had the pencil box and everything I needed in it.  Worked fine until about sixth grade.  I got six classes, I got six three-brad, two-pocket folders.  First class “You’re gonna need one folder.”, second class “You’re gonna need on folder.”, third, fourth, fifth class, “You’re gonna need one folder.”.  Great, I’m set.  I’m in the sixth class, got my last folder, teacher says “alright, in this class you’re gonna need three folders”.  Ugh.
Go home, tell my parents, “Mom, Dad, for my English class I need three folders, so I need you to buy two more folders.”
“Um, well Kyle, we bought a kit that has everything in it that you need for class.”
“Okay, well, I need three folders for one class, and I only have one… so, it doesn’t have everything I need.”
“Are you sure you heard the teacher right, that you need three folders?  I don’t see why you would need three folders.”
“Yeah, heard the teacher right. You can call her if you want, she’ll tell you “Kyle needs three folders.”.”
“Uh, I could call her, but I’m not going to. And, I’m pretty sure she would not say that, because you only need one folder for that class.”
“Okay, Mom, okay Dad, thanks. Thanks for not helping me out with this.”
Get to school the next day, get to sixth period, get to English class and the teacher’s like, “Kyle, why don’t you have three folders?”
“Well my parents didn’t believe me when I said I needed three folders for this class.”
“Kyle, I’m sure your parents would’ve believed you if you’d told them.”
“I told ’em.”
“It’s okay if you forgot to tell them, Kyle.  I’m sure they would believe you, that you needed three folders; they’re not expensive, they’ll get ’em for you….  Kyle, what are you doing looking around in your school supplies bag for?”
“I just want to see if there’s a gun in here for me to stick in my mouth and get this over with now.”


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