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Today’s my kids “pay day”. They do chores and such throughout the week, and then every two weeks they get paid… in tickets. They can then trade in these tickets for either prizes, screen time, or cash.

The screen time is simple, one ticket equals an extra 15 minutes of screen time. Our kids are limited to one hour per day on ipad/phone. They are “just turned 7” and “about to be 9” (22 months apart in age).

The cash value of the tickets is $0.25 (twenty-five cents) if they want to convert them to buy something at a store.

Or we have a plastic tote that we (my wife and I) buy things for that are on sale, or limited stock, or that we want them to have, and price them accordingly. For example, there was a “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego” game that I spent $8 on, but put in the prize Box for 11 tickets to encourage the kids to get and play it (they usually don’t save tickets (we’re working on that though)), or some fun slime that they pay “retail” price, but because we bought it when it was on sale they benefit from.

What kind of chores/payment type things do you do with your kids, if any?

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  • December 3, 2020 at 6:27 PM

    Having 6 kids can make the laundry really pile up. They mostly find it’s easier to throw stuff in the dirty clothes than put it away. I began paying them a few bucks worth of quarters that I painted with nail polish. They were required to pay like $1.25 or something to do a load of laundry. I figured if they didn’t wash as much, they’d end up with painted quarters that could be exchanged for real ones. It kinda worked…


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