Jovi Update 5/21/12

Jovi is pouting more. She does not like being put in her car seat, so a lot of times now she is arching her back and making it hard to buckle her in. She got a few shots today. Karah took her. Karah said that Jovi’s crying from the three shots made her want to cry. On the plus side Jovi got three shiny Band-Aids, and won’t remember this horror at all.

We got Jovi’s growth chart (with stats) today from the doctor too. At five-and-a-half months old she is twenty-five inches long and weighs fourteen pounds and nine ounces. This puts her in the twenty-eighth percentile for weight (she’s light), twenty-seventh percentile for height (she’s short), and seventy-first percentile for head circumference (she’s got a big head).

She is supposed to start vegetables soon. The doctor says that since Karah has so many food allergies we should only introduce one new vegetable a week into Jovi’s diet. We have the Baby Bullet system and a Baby Bullet food steamer (the baby versions of the Magic Bullet products).

She loves cell phones and putting things in her mouth, so naturally if she gets a hold of mine or Karah’s cell phone she immediately tries to put it in her mouth. I should get a water-proof case for an old phone of mine so that she has one to play with. Karah keeps telling me that Jovi needs an iPad, third-gen model of course.

We got Splashtown season passes, so we’ll be goin at least once a week, Karah and Jovi will probably go more. She doesn’t like water to be too cold (neither do I); going in the afternoon is best. She has a few different swimsuits to wear this summer. Her arms are so strong, if I hold out my fingers she’ll grab them and pull herself up. She is getting pretty good at standing and leaning on things.

She has a second tooth coming in already. The first one can be painful if she gets my finger in her mouth and bites hard enough. I love the noises she makes when she “talks”; the cooing is just so cute and I can’t help but smile. I look forward to hearing her voice when she can talk.

One thought on “Jovi Update 5/21/12

  • May 22, 2012 at 10:07 AM

    Oh how I remember the arched back in the car seat. Just pull the front strap out all the way and you have it made now. Fun times. 🙂


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