I’m Really Annoyed Now

This is the second blog post I’m writing today, actually, the second blog post in the last hour, because the WordPress app deleted the first one that I wrote when I had to log out from it because it couldn’t post the featured image, load any pages from my site, or generally not perform like a piece of crap.

I had something really nice about my friend Ryan Ray and how I was going to try to do a better job about blogging. But now I’m really annoyed, I don’t care to do some fake, happy post – though my first post was an honest, happy post; but I’m no longer honestly happy. I am annoyed. Because of the WordPress app. It sucks. Am I clear about how much I now despise the WordPress app? I hope so. If not: I DON’T LIKE IT.

Does anybody have a suggestion for me to use a app other than the WordPress app on Android for posting blog posts? I can’t use the web interface, it sucks too, I need an app.

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