How to Choose Which Pencil Case is Right for You

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Pencil cases bring back all of the school classroom memories. They’re known as an absolute staple for school days, from primary to university degree, a pencil case was undoubtedly, an essential. When we get to be a little bit older, being faced with finding a perfect container for you stationary can seem odd, however, there’s no reason to ditch a beautiful, organisational pencil case. Whether you’re in the classroom, the boardroom or you just want to keep all your pens and pencils in one place, here’s a complete guide to choosing the right pencil case for you:

What’s the purpose?

You should consider what you’ll be using your pencil case for. Perhaps you’re a full time creative who loves all things colour? If so, hunt for a case that is large and sturdy, this will protect and accommodate your costly art supplies. Keep in mind that a dark lining is good for colourful tools, as it minimises the look any marks on the lining.

Maybe you simply need a sleek case to carry a few pens and pencils around? You can opt for a smaller style! Search for a pen pouch that holds one or two pens neatly, or look for a simple, thin cotton case that won’t take up too much room in your bag.

Find the right size

As mentioned above, size is integral to your choice. Once you’re sure what your case is being used for, you can determine what size is right for you! Of course, the more kit you have, the bigger the case you’ll need. If you’re in an office role that requires you to bring stationary along but you also use your pens and pencils elsewhere, a medium size is the best choice. The freedom of a more compact case, with the room for additional pieces, will never steer you wrong!


If you need a more robust style case that’s going to be carrying quite a few pieces of stationary, you should consider introducing a little organisation. You can find wrap cases the keep all pens and pencils safely in order and place, or opt for a model that has compartments and clips to stop your stationary rattling around.

Material matters

Material is a major component in finding the perfect pencil case. It’s going to make a difference to the style, function and overall usability of your investment! Popular choices of material include:

Leather: This is a luxurious option that will last you for a long time to come. Leather looks better with wear and tear, so this is a great option if you’ll be travelling around with your pencil case at hand.

PVC: PVC is a smooth, resilient material that is sturdy and waterproof. You can find PVC in all shapes, sizes and forms. A great option is to go for a clear PVC, you can see what’s inside of your pencil case and avoid excessive rummaging.

Cotton: A breathable, lightweight material pencil case is fantastic for keeping your items organised at home. Cotton will not uphold as well as leather or other synthetic options, due to its gentle composition.

Polyester: For a tough pencil case that won’t mark easily, opt for polyester. You’ll find exciting colours and patterns to suit any taste.

Get personal: Remember to select a case that reflects your personality! You’ll be carrying it around and reaching for it from day to day, so be sure to pick something that sparks your imagination a little!

Pencil cases are a fantastic and useful item to add into your everyday life, explore your options to find the right fit for you!

*Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

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