Electric Plug Timer

One of the best things I’ve bought for our Christmas decorations this year it’s an automatic timer. I got a relatively inexpensive one from Walmart for about $12. At this point I should probably find one and link to it with an affiliate link and try to make some money off this post, but I’m not going to do that right now. Anywho, this automatic-timer’s great. At first I said it for 2 hours, but because it’s late in the year and the sun is going down so early The lights and such were turning off at like 8:00 p.m.; so I had to adjust it, now it is set to shut off 6 hours after dusk. Works out pretty well, shuts off a little bit before midnight. I highly recommend these little things that make life easier.

I’m not saying to always take the easy route in life, but if you can and have a quality and results so you can focus on bigger, better, more important things – do it. My electric bill is high enough already, plus Christmas decorations… An automatic timer is a solid investment from that perspective too.

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