Decorating for Christmas

I’ve never been a “Christmas before Thanksgiving” guy. Holidays weren’t really a huge deal in my family, I was either traveling on or around most major ones, especially Christmas. When my wife and I got married that changed her radically. And she has always wanted to start decorating for Christmas shortly after the 4th of July. Just kidding. She has always respected my wish to not put up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. Which made it a quasi-tradition to put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. This year though, I relented, much to her pleasure.

Over the years we’ve moved from apartment to apartment, to house, to apartment, to house, to a different house, to an apartment… Well we’re in a house now, second Christmas in this house, and we got all the Christmas decorations of a storage. And to my wife’s delight she has been able to realize her dream of having a Christmas tree in basically every room. In fact, we even have an extra one (albeit a small one) that didn’t have a room to go into, so it is now our “stair tree”.

If there is such a thing as too many Christmas trees, we’re pretty close to it if not already there.

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