CNN Money for Google TV

There are three major financial channel apps for Google TV: Fox Business, CNBC RealTime, and CNN Money. I will be reviewing/breaking-down all of them on here; I had to pick one to start with, so I’m starting with CNN Money.

As soon as you open the app video starts, which I love. By default the most recent video plays the first time you open the app, and plays from newest to oldest; and if you close it and come back before shutting off your system the app picks-up on the video you left-off on. Videos go back one week, and one to ten videos are added per day. The videos are taken from shows that run on CNN, you’ll recognize personalities like Fareed Zakaria and others. When each video starts with the name and summary (this also shows when the video is paused).

If you push any of the directional buttons will show you the video listing running along the bottom of the screen.

The video controls work within the app, so you can pause, rewind, skip, etc very easily.

I’d like to see more content on CNN Money (this is where Fox Business really stands-out). If you like to stay current with financial highlights and don’t have time for whole shows and just want to see/hear the handful of big stories of the day that the general public would find interesting then this is the app for you.


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