CNBC Real-Time for Google TV

CNBC Real-Time for Google TV is aimed at stock traders and holders. The videos, sourced from previously recorded shows, get into specifics about different companies and their stock specifics.  Aside from the playing video and a list of other videos you have two lists of stocks, which refresh every five to thirty seconds.  Videos automatically play when the app is opened and progress to the next as each one ends.

By default you have a video, that cannot be maximized (again pointing to the fact CNBC Real-Time is focused on stocks), and you see your “My Stocks” list. One thing that is really cool about this app’s video play is that even when you powered-off the system while the app is open, then power it back on, and then open the CNBC Real-Time for Google TV app again, the video you were last watching plays from where you left off!

You can edit you “My Stocks” list very easily by clicking the “edit” button below the list (immediately to the right of the on-screen video progress). The video stops playing while you edit your list, this may be frustrating for people that want constant audio playback, but helpful for those who don’t want to miss any of the graphs that often are shown in the videos. You can delete stocks from your list (CAUTION: there is no verification prompt, when you click delete that item is removed from your list). If you state typing the text is automatically added to the search bar, which matches both stock symbols and company names. Use the “back” button on your remote to return to the main screen.

As with the “My Stocks” list the “Hot Stocks” list within the CNBC Real-Time app the list shows the stock’s symbol, last trade price, point change, and percent change, color-coded for easy recognition (red for negative change, green for positive change). If a stock is being traded after hours a little yellow-orange clock appears to the left of the stock symbol. If CNBC has a video relating to a specific stock a camera icon appears to the immediate right of the stock symbol. To watch this video simply click on that stock symbol’s line item.

The “Videos” list is pretty simple, there are a handful of videos (usually less than ten) from the last two days. They normally run between six and eight minutes long.


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