Bolth & Anvilope

Air Date:  August 16, 2017

Description:  I don’t always talk good, but when I do I say things wrong.

I don’t pronounce everything the right way. Most times based on people’s accents they don’t. A lot of it comes from the way you’re raised, and the words you hear growing up, and how your parents, or grandparents, or friends, say things. Uh, the two big ones though that I say are “b-oh-wl-th“, B O T H, like “both people”, meaning two; um, or “an-vill-oh-p”,  not “envelope“; I know it’s spelled with an “E”, but I say “anvelope”.  My youngest daughter says “anvilope”, and it drives my wife crazy. Of course my wife also calls it a “window seal“, like it’s down below the window going “arf arp arpf”. But, uh, anytime somebody wants to make fun of me for it, and is like “Hey Kyle, how do you pronounce B.O.T.H.?” I’m like, “Bowlth. How do you pronounce B.I.T.C…” Just kidding!

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