A New Way to Watch TV

A New Way to Watch TV is exactly what the name implies, a new method for watching television.  The Vision of A New Way To Watch TV is to provide a single website for smart TV users (currently optimized for Google TV, but accessible on other platforms including mobile devices and workstations) which aggregates full-form content from multiple quality syndicated sources, primarily TV networks, movie studios, and online stations. The purpose of which is to allow people without cable or satellite subscriptions or a physical antenna to watch full length content as well as allow those with a cable or satellite subscription or a physical antenna to view web-only, previously aired, or provider limited content. Full-form content is defined here as content produced to be consumed as a whole; and while may be a part of a series is not an excerpt, portion, or selection of a larger distinct product meant to be produced and/or distributed as a single piece. Full-form content includes full-length episodes, minisodes, webisodes, short films, and movies.

To use the A New Way to Watch TV (ANWTWTV) simply go to http://www.anewwaytowatchtv.com from any device that has a web browser, including TV platforms like PS3, iPads and other tablets, and Android phones.  Some of the videos do require flash, so using a browser such as Maxthon or Firefox might become necessary or you (At the time of this writing flash is still supported on Chrome for Google TV).  The home page of the site brings up Network logos, click on which network you want to watch from.  Content is currently available for several networks such as USA, Bloomberg (which includes a live stream, which works regardless of your current cable/satellite subscription), AMC, History/H2, and more.  More content is being added every day, and new networks are “coming online” almost every week.

A New Way to Watch TV - Networks
A New Way to Watch TV – Networks

After you select a network you will be shown which shows from that network have video available.  If there are too many shows for one screen to show without scrolling numbered page links and navigation arrows will appear at the top of the screen.  Select a show by clicking on its logo.

GSN: Game Show Network
GSN: Game Show Network

Available media (episodes, etc) from that show are then displayed.  If there are more than eight videos available for that show smaller numbered page links and navigation arrows appear below and to the left of the bottom row of episodes for that page.

Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza
Drew Carey’s Improv-a-ganza

Click on the thumbnail or name of the video you would like to watch.  Now you are on the episode page.  Here can watch the video (maximize for the best experience) and share it with others (social media buttons at bottom of the page).  If you have any problem with the video click the “Report Error” link to the let the site administrator know about it.

An Episode of Improv-a-ganza
An Episode of Improv-a-ganza

At any point you can return to the home screen by clicking the ANWTWTV link in the top left-hand corner of the screen.  If you are on an episode you can click the back button in the browser or the show logo on the left side of the screen to return to the list of videos for that show.  Same goes for the network logo on the left side of the screen, but it takes you to the list of shows for that network.  You can also search the site using the search box that is ever-present on the left side of the screen.

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