WSJ Live on Google TV

The Wall Street Journal has a great Google TV app: “WSJ Live”.  Video starts as soon as the app loads, and WSJ Live has a ton of videos to play.  The app is well organized, so you can easily find content a number of ways.  There are no controls on the screen until you push the menu button.  The normal Pause, Play, Skip(s), Fast Forward, and Rewind buttons work as well.  A single, short commercial plays before each video.


The WSJ Spotlight (leftmost button of the menu) gives you four videos to choose from “Now Playing”, “Latest Program”, “Most Recent” and “Most Popular”.

There are several categories of videos to choose from:  World, US News, Tech, Trending, Off Duty, Campaign 2012, Life & Culture, Opinion, Business, Personal Finance, Programs, and All Videos.  Each video averages between two and five minutes in length, but the programs, such as News Hub GMT, are longer.

The Program Guide is the easiest way to see full-length episodes.  This is great!  So many VOD (Video on Demand) apps for Google TV don’t show full-length episodes of their entire line-up, it is great that The Wall Street Journal has decided to add this to WSJ Live.  Fresh content is added from 7 AM to 6 PM and is available within an hour of the live airing being completed.

Once you select a program it is very easy to navigate and select a video from the available list.  The video archive goes back about one week.

The Search function is very easy to use; just type in a term and it will provide a list of related videos, pretty straight-forward.

The controls are simple, which I like, and it is easy to move from one video to the next.  All-in-All the WSJ Live on Google TV by The Wall Street Journal was very clean and easy to use; and surprisingly to me covered quite a few more categories of information than I expected.  The stigma associated with WSJ is one of high finance, but this app is highly accessible both in user experience and broad range of content.
Below is a picture of the normal viewing mode.



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