USA Today: Roku devices get Comcast Xfinity TV app

From USA Today

Roku devices get Comcast Xfinity TV app

Roku Net TV devices are getting a new Comcast Xfinity TV app.The app, which lets Comcast pay-TV subscribers access all of their programming they pay for without renting another Xfinity cable box, is available today.Xfinity TV subscribers can already access their programming on Android and iOS devices, but this is the first device that connects directly to the TV, bypassing the traditional cable box for delivery of live TV channels, on-demand content and cloud DVR recordings.”The Xfinity TV beta app gives customers the ability to use and explore the beta Roku channel while Comcast continues to test and improve performance, enhance it with additional features and functionality, and refine the experience to ensure that the app works smoothly,” wrote Comcast’s Michael DelCiello and Roku’s Andrew Ferrone in a blog post.

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