USA TODAY: Is insecurity the new normal?


Is insecurity the new normal?

SAN FRANCISCO — When does a series of unrelated cyber skirmishes become a chronic state of war? On Wednesday, computer users were barraged with news of attacks at four well-known and respected companies. In the past, any one of them might have made big headlines on its own. Today it’s quickly becoming the new normal: • P.F. Chang’s China Bistro said it is investigating a report of a possible data breach involving credit and debit card data that may have been stolen from its restaurant locations nationwide. • Twitter shut down its popular TweetDeck application for over an hour while it plugged a security vulnerability. People logged into the service during the breach got odd pop-up messages, and their systems also randomly re-tweeted messages containing potentially malicious computer code scripts. The attacks came after an Austrian computer science student inadvertently discovered the flaw.

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