USA TODAY: How tech is draining you – and how to fix it


How tech is draining you – and how to fix it

Did you get the rule book on how to best text, tweet and multitask like an Octopus on crack? Yeah, neither did I. If your daily digital deluge leaves you feeling drained, you’re not alone. 1. YOU TECH TOO MUCH Texting and tinkering with mobile devices for more than one or two hours a day? A tech habit like that could send you to an early grave. You know how you get all hunchbacked over your device? Research says it can cause hyperkyphosis — better known as “dowager’s hump” — a condition often associated with heart problems. Of course, just as soon as the report came out there were plenty of people disputing it, and clearly texting and driving is extremely hazardous to your health as well. Either way, the fix is the same.

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