USA TODAY: Google’s self-driving car makes strides


Google’s self-driving car makes strides

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — What’s it like riding in one of Google’s driverless cars? Picture yourself at the intersection of Liberation Highway and Panic Road, in a white Lexus SUV with a spinning laser on its roof. Will the car sense all of its changing surroundings? What if someone runs a red light? Should we panic or relax? “We are all about safety,” says Brian Torcellini, lead test driver for the search engine’s five-year-old self-driving car. “We realize that everything we do is about upholding the reputation of this technology.” On Tuesday, Google trotted out key technologists working on company co-founder Sergey Brin’s pet project and provided media with rides in the vehicle’s latest iteration. But this road trip to the future is still zipping up the on-ramp.

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