USA TODAY: Cutting the cord doesn’t mean dissing the DVR


Cutting the cord doesn’t mean dissing the DVR

You can cut the cord, but if you are like me, you can’t likely live without a DVR. Let’s face it, few of us can commit to appointment TV anymore. So just in case you can’t get home in time to catch the new episode of Scandal or The Voice, a backup plan is needed. Well, there are digital video recorders targeted at cord-cutters, too. TiVo has two models that will record content coming in from your over-the-air antenna: the Premiere ($74.99) that records two shows at the same time and the Roamio ($199.99) with built-in Wi-Fi that can record four shows at once. Both will incorporate your favorite Net TV services like Amazon, Hulu or Netflix into the on-screen menu. And you can also stream live TV and recorded shows at home onto iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as recorded shows outside the home when you add a TiVo Stream box ($129.99).

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