USA TODAY: 5 most incredible discoveries of the week


5 most incredible discoveries of the week

Two stories this week suggest that our forebears were big on ingenuity even if they were short on modern inventions: 1. Discovered: Secret of Pyramids’ Construction: When you picture Egypt’s pyramids rising over the country’s sands, your vision likely doesn’t include water. It should, according to a new study. Scientists think workers of yore used it in a clever way to ease the moving of those massive stones. Think “liquid bridges.” 2. Scientists Find Old Hunting Zone Under Lake Huron: Researchers have made a rare find that demonstrates how clever prehistoric hunters in North America could be—and it’s at the bottom of Lake Huron of all places. Researchers found evidence of a network of hunting blinds they say was used to kill caribou on their seasonal migrations, back when the area wasn’t covered in water.

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