USA TODAY: 5 most incredible discoveries of the week


5 most incredible discoveries of the week

Two ancient cave discoveries, one human and one from the sea, highlight the list this week: 1. Ancient Skeleton May Settle Debate on First Americans: A slight teenage girl who died in a Mexican cave 12,000 years ago may help settle a long-simmering debate in archaeological circles: Where did the very first Americans come from? The answer doesn’t seem to be Europe, Australia, or southeastern Asia, but rather a land that no longer exists called Beringia—it once connected Siberia and Alaska but is now submerged beneath the Bering Sea. The ancient girl has the DNA of modern Native Americans. 2. Scientists Find World’s Oldest Sperm: About 17 million years ago, a shrimp-like creature had sex in a cave in Australia, but instead of an afterglow, she got hit almost immediately with what one scientist thinks was a “torrential rain of bat droppings.” Her misfortune then is scientists’ delight today, because the chemicals in the bat guano preserved both her and the “giant” sperm still inside her.

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