USA TODAY: 5 most incredible discoveries of the week


5 most incredible discoveries of the week

A possible HIV treatment from an unusual source and a newly discovered cousin of T. Rex are on the list: 1. Soy Sauce Molecule Could Treat HIV Better: Picture the soy sauce bottle on most sushi restaurant tables, yep, the one with the red or green top. Those omnipresent bottles are the product of the Yamasa Corporation, which started manufacturing the soy sauce in 1645. But the most fascinating part of the Japan company’s history is a thoroughly recent one: Virologists have confirmed that Yamasa’s scientists made a discovery involving a molecule related to flavor enhancers contained in soy sauce—and HIV. 2. Introducing ‘Pinocchio Rex’: T. Rex had a long-nosed cousin that has been christened, of course, with the nickname “Pinocchio Rex.” It probably probably lived alongside T. Rex some 66 million years ago, but it was smaller (29 feet long vs. 42 feet long) and faster. As for that nose, it was long and thin and studded with a row of small horns.

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