USA TODAY: 5 Google tips and tricks


5 Google tips and tricks

Web search, image search, email – odds are you use Google for at least one of these things every day. But just because you use something every day doesn’t mean you know every secret. In fact, I’ve rounded up five things you can do with Google that you probably had no idea. Some are useful and some are just fun, but you’ll want to give them all a try. First off, even a lot of avid computer users don’t know how many interesting things are “baked in” on the Google front page. You can type in a math equation, for example, or a flight number or FedEx tracking number, and get the data you’re looking for. You can ask for the weather in whatever town you want, get a definition of a word and do conversions in weights and money and different currencies, too. (Just type in phrases like “define ineffable” or “$200 in euros.”)

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