The Walking Dead Minisodes/Webisodes

I am a fan of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” TV show (and the comic books). Season Five is coming to an end soon with an extra-long finale at the end of March. Something you may not be aware of is the AMC releases some special, web-only content in-between each season. These “webisodes” do not utilize characters from the show (except the first one, kind of), but do tie-in with them in some form or another. Each one is really cool and very well done; I highly recommend watching if you are a fan of the show.

Season 1: Motion Comic: The Walking Dead
This “season” is just one black and white “Motion Comic” style episode, a fully animated version of the beginning of Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” graphic novel, featuring the voice of Phil LaMarr. If you’ve read the book or remember the episode you will already be familiar with the content, but it is still cool to see it presented in this manner, plus, I am a fan of motion comics.

Season 2:  Torn Apart
Part 1  –  A New Day  –  “Written and directed by Greg Nicotero, this web series unveils the story behind one of The Walking Dead’s iconic walkers as Hannah awakens to find her kids missing after a car accident.”

Part 2  –  Family Matters  –  “In the second webisode from Season 2, Hannah has an emotional reunion with her kids then seeks refuge in her ex-husband Andrew’s home.”

Part 3  –  Domestic Violence  –  “Judy’s effort to save a stranger leads to a deadly encounter with Andrew.”

Part 4  –  Neighborly Advice  –  “Andrew goes to his neighbor Palmer’s basement in search of guns and supplies. Once there, the two have a man to man conversation and finally come to an understanding with one another.”

Part 5  –  Step-Mother  –  “Hannah and Judy struggle for control of the children.”

Part 6  –  Everything Dies  –  “The family makes a desperate attempt to get to safety amid a rapidly growing swarm of walkers.”

Season 3:  Cold Storage
Part 1  –  Hide and Seek  –  “Chase seeks refuge from a horde of walkers in an abandoned storage facility. However, he may not be the only survivor left there.”

Part 2 – Keys to the Kingdom – “B.J. gives Chase a tour of the storage facility. But despite his affable demeanor, B.J. may be hiding a dark secret.”

Part 3 – The Chosen Ones – “In order to keep the electricity flowing, Chase must venture into the darkness to help B.J. reset the generators.”

Part 4 – Parting Shots – “While attempting to escape, Chase is confronted by B.J. and the two engage in a final standoff. Vote for Cold Storage for a Webby in Drama and Writing.”

Season 4: The Oath
Part 1 – Alone – “Paul and Karina escape their ravaged and overrun camp, but a mortal injury sends them on an urgent mission to find medical help.”

Part 2 – Choice – “Karina encounters an unexpected survivor in the medical facility as Paul’s health deteriorates.”

Part 3 – Bond – “Karina and Paul are forced to make life and death choices.”

For now those are all the webisodes available, as more are released I will add them in.

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