The Dungeon Cast

I’ve recently begun playing Dungeons & Dragons (tabletop, not online).  I am very familiar with fantasy stories (books and movies), speaking while at a table (impressed?), and NES/SNES/Genesis era “quest” style video games (Legend of Zelda, Mystic Quest, Beyond Oasis, Shadow Run, etc), but had largely ignored D&D.  While there is a fair amount of “language” in the podcast, I have found The Dungeon Cast to be very helpful and entertaining while learning the game.  I subscribed on Podcast Addict, but their episodes are also available on YouTube and iTunes.  They aren’t playing the game (but do roll some characters, talk about a lot of scenarios, and even play some excerpts from games), they focus on class, race, monster, and technical breakdowns of the game – which is a great way me personally to receive information.  Check ’em out!

P.S. – I am postponing my “Quickies” 100 post series until Monday after next (5/15/17) while I talk a little about some specific things going on in my life right now.

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