Quickies With Kyle: Wet T-Shirt

Air Date:  August 7, 2017

Description:  I went for a walk on my lunch break, and it started raining.

So, sometimes people tell me I’m smart… and I don’t believe them because of things like what just happened:  I’m at my office, it was raining this morning, I have an umbrella in my backpack, I have an umbrella on the window sill next to my desk, I look outside because I’m ready for lunch – It’s overcast, but it’s not raining.  “I think it’s getting better, I think I’ll go for a walk down to the park two blocks away.”  Walk down to the park, sitting on a bench, I’m reading my book, thunder’s off in the distance…  “Yeah, no, that’s definitely moving away.”  Yeah, it definitely wasn’t.  Starts to rain, I take off my button-up shirt, wrap it around my book because I don’t want that to get all wet.  I’m like “Crap.” Put my phone in my pocket, start walking towards my office, without either of the umbrellas I had available to me before I left the office.  By the time I get back, I look like everybody who should not enter a wet tshirt contest


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