Quickies With Kyle: Acquired Tastes

Air Date:  August 8, 2017

Description:  Stop calling it an acquired taste – it tastes bad and you’re willing to put up with it, that’s it.

Let’s talk about “Acquired Tastes”.
Kyle:  Okay Google, what is an “acquired taste”?
Google: Acquired Taste – A thing that one has come to like only through experience.
AKA, something that tastes bad that you force yourself to ingest for long enough that you can put up with it.  I get this all the time with alcoholic drinks, “Oh, this one’s an acquired taste.”. NO!  They’re not an acquired taste, they taste bad but you want what’s in them so you’re willing to drink them and put-up-with the bad taste.  Just be honest about it!  It’s like people that are on a diet, “Oh, this is an acquired taste.”  NO! That rice cake tastes like cardboard, but you want to lose weight so you’re willing to put up with it.  It’s like saying that Vegemite is an acquired taste; we all know that it’s salty vegetable paste.  I don’t know what Australians’ deal is with spreading that on toast and calling it an acquired taste; it’s not, it’s terrible, everybody knows it, you guys can drop the ruse.


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