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I do some public speaking! If you are interested in me talking to your group or organization please let me know!

I will only talk about subjects on which I have experience and in which I have confidence. I definitely would not call my talks lectures, I wouldn’t even call them monologues. I prefer an entertaining and educational dialogue. I want everyone who hears me to feel spoken with, not simply spoken to. People need to benefit from what they consume, and this includes information. I desire to impart in a memorable way, actionable information. I am not a motivational speaker, I am a passionate person that desires to encourage and stimulate others.


Topics I cover include, but are not limited to:

“Not Getting Hacked” (for People NOT in IT)

We seem to hear about a new data breach every week. Whether it is through hacking, phishing, or social engineering the fact remains that there are people out there that want your emails, bank account info, cloud files, etc. – your personal information and company secrets. But you can protect yourself! Let’s discuss (in a non-technical way) how these breeches occur, how you can prevent them, and what to do if one has happened.


Team Building with Role Playing Games

Role playing games are games where you get to embody a character. For this exercise I’m not talking about video game RPGs, I’m talking about tabletop RPGs. Maybe you’re familiar with games like Dungeons & Dragons, or Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. There are simple role playing games that you can use as team building exercises for your groups of 3 to 12 members. These can be a great way to practice conflict resolution with your coworkers, problem solving with your employees, and strategizing with your managers. Come learn and get everything you need to get started.


Dealing with Change

Even when change is good it can be difficult. How do you deal with changes in your personal and professional life? How do you differentiate a “good” change from a “bad” change? How do you survive a change for the worse? How do you make the most of a change for the better?


Being Part of a Growing Company

Growth in an organization feels different for different people. It can be exciting, or frightening; it’s definitely challenging. Depending on whether you are an owner or manager of the company, an existing employee, or a new hire you will face unique challenges and opportunities during this time of growth in your company. Are you ready?


Being Part of a Shrinking Company

Maybe it’s because of an industry downturn. Maybe it’s because of some bad decisions. Maybe it’s because your company wants to “trim the fat” while getting ready to be acquired. Reducing your workforce can be a logistical and emotional nightmare for anyone at any level within the company. Both employers and employees need to be prepared for the process of reducing the workforce and the effects it has on individuals and the organization as a whole.


Implementing New Technology

The latest and greatest software can do some really cool things. Unless you’ve recently upgraded hardware, there is new equipment that can help you operate better. But, a lot of companies fail when it comes to integrating new or upgraded systems into their existing environment. Don’t be another company that was unable to properly implement new technology in their organization.


Implementing New Processes

A lot of department personnel are able to see better ways to do a process than is currently in place within their organization. But they may feel powerless to affect change, they may be at a loss at how to implement the desired changes, or they may struggle to get cooperation from others that are involved in either the process itself or in decision making positions. You can enact positive change.


SEO for Anyone

You may not be a web developer, know the ins and outs of WordPress, or be an HTML expert, but you, yes, YOU, can do a lot to help your website rank well in search engine results. But do you know what to do?


Growing a Business

New services can expand your appeal to new customers. New products can provide new revenue streams. A new billing strategy can maximize your existing customer base. When you want to grow your business, the first step is figuring out how.


Changing Your Company Culture

Company culture is an increasingly important part of attracting new employees and keeping existing ones satisfied. Maybe you’re “the boss” maybe you’re not, either way, you want to change the culture for the better – and you can!


Identifying Problems

What is hindering productivity? What is stopping people from accomplishing tasks? What exactly is wrong? Knowing there is a problem is very different than knowing what the problem is. You have no hope of resolving an issue you can’t define.


Quitting a Bad Solution

The unfortunate reality is that not every solution we try to implement is a good one. You need to be able to identify when something is not working, discern if it can be corrected, or if it just needs to be scrapped. Don’t fall for the “fallacy of sunk cost,” there is no good reason to throw good money after bad.


Valuation & Compensation

Before you get hired you need to know your value. Before hiring someone you need to know their value. After getting hired you need to know how to change your value. After you hire someone you need to know how to change their value. Once you understand value you can be confident in your compensation position (which is not always money).


Effective Meetings

Meetings can be beneficial, or they can be a waste of everybody’s time. Determine when a meeting is necessary, what should be discussed, and who should participate to ensure that everyone is benefiting as much as possible from this potential time-suck.


How to Brainstorm

“Let’s have a quick brainstorming session.” Can be the start of “the next big thing”. It can also be a complete waste of time. Not every idea is a great idea. But even bad ideas can provide some value to your project. But how do you think of ideas that bring value even if they aren’t your final answer?


Feeling Dissatisfied

We all get bored, demotivated, and down-right annoyed with our daily lives from time to time. But you don’t have to stay that way. Learn to recognize when you’re “stuck in a rut” and how to get out if it.



Before you can “do” you must have a goal. A plan is how you will get from where you are to your goal. Plans can be simple, plans can be complex, plans can be thorough, and plans can be lacking necessary steps. You need a plan that not only achieves your goal, you need a plan that keeps you motivated and fulfills your vision.



There are so many things that we need to do and want to do it can be hard to know what to do. But it can be hard to balance the short term and the long term. Being able to decide what is most important, all things considered, is a skill that we must work on. Knowing what will benefit you the most and help you progress is necessary to achieving your goals.


Getting Things Done

Do you have a dozen half-finished projects? Are you afraid to start something new because you can’t complete it? Do you worry about what happens when you reach the conclusion of your current task so you drag it out?


Feeling Overwhelmed

Are you getting pulled in a half a dozen different directions? Before you even finish what you’re doing something new is added to your task list! Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do it’s never enough, you’re not making any progress. It doesn’t have to be that way; you don’t have to feel that way.



Everyone can have commitment issues, it isn’t just about relationships. When we commit to something, it means we’re going to do it, and it means we could fail. So, some of us, rather than failing (or not finishing), choose to not even start. If you have a long to-do list, several projects on the back burner, so many things you would like to do but haven’t even started on, too many plans and not enough action – this is the talk for you.


Not Getting Burnt Out

Doing the same thing for a long time can wear you out. Sometimes it’s changing tasks too often that exhausts you. Whatever it is, you have wanted to do it, but right now you don’t want to do it. You feel drained, used up – you’re burnt out. Find that passion again, and learn ways to keep from becoming fatigued as you work hard to achieve your goals.


Internal Customers

Usually we call them coworkers, but guess what? They’re your customers. Your manager, those working under you, and everyone else in the company that can come in contact with your work product is your customer. So what are you selling them? And are they buying it? Let’s change the way you see the other people in your workplace; they’re not just colleagues, they aren’t your competition, they are your customers!


Not Wasting Time

It is very easy to not do the thing that you need to be doing. Sometimes we even waste times on things that need to get done, but can be down at a different time, and should be done in different way. For you, it may be about efficiency at work, getting more done around the house, or making sure that all your fun activities are high-impact – whatever the reason, we could all use some help maintaining our focus.


The Importance of a CRM

No matter what size your sales team is, you will benefit from having a systematic approach to marketing and selling your products and services. From free & open-source to high-dollar Microsoft and Salesforce implementations, your company can benefit from having a Customer Relations Management system. As someone who has been a one-person sales department before, let me tell you, “every-sized” company can make use of a good CRM. This talk is both for companies that are interested in implementing a CRM for the very first time, and for companies that have been using one for years. Not specific to any software package, we will discuss the reasons and methodologies for becoming (and staying) a successful sales process participant.


Dealing With Those Whom You Dislike

We all have had people in our lives that we didn’t like; maybe it was a bad vibe we got when we first met, maybe it was after getting to know them more. Whatever the reason for not liking that person, you may still have to live, work, or socialize with that person. If you find yourself having trouble with a person in your life that you must continue to deal with, then you need to hear this.


Over the last ten years I have taught a lot of classes and given a lot of talks at conferences and other industry events that are Microsoft Excel, GIS Mapping, and Oil & Gas Industry focused.

And I’m always up for participating in a panel or roundtable discussion about nerdy, geeky, & cultural subjects, business topics, and technology.


To contact me about about any of these topics: 281-935-3663 or

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