Do Princesses Break Their Promises?

Air Date:  August 22, 2017

Description:  My youngest daughter is having a bit of an identity issue right now.

My daughters like the Disney princesses, my youngest especially loves Belle from Beauty and the Beast, has always, will always.  And right now she’s having a bit of an identity issue with Belle. We’ll be watching the movie, she’ll say “watch what I do”, or she’ll say “Lumière told me [such and such]”, or we’ll see something Beauty and the Beast out-and-about while we’re out at a store and she’ll say “Look, it’s a picture of me!”.  The other day we’re walking to the pool and I’m going over how they need to behave and ask them if “princesses break their promise.”.  Jovi says “No! Rapunzel won’t break a promise.” Jaspyn says “I do!”.  I was like “When did you break a promise?”, she said “When I left the castle, but the Beast saved me from the wolves.”

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