Pop-Up Solar Can Be Installed Anywhere

Millions of people live off the electric grid, either by fate or choice. A group of innovators in Florida think they have a way to provide solar power, clean water and Wi-Fi to those people. The technology can be used to power military or emergency response personnel or create a sustainable oasis for people living in poverty.

Crazy Solar Power Plants

The Ecos PowerCube, developed by Stuart, Fla.-based Ecoshpere Technologies, is a self-sustaining solar-power system housed in shipping containers. These containers travel quickly and easily, since everything in the world is shipped in these 10′, 20′ or 40′ metal boxes. Once on site, the container can be opened to deploy the solar panels.

Solar-Powered Roads Light Up

The panels can generate up to 15 kW of electricity, which can be used to power wireless telecommunications, Internet access and mobile water treatment systems. Those systems could work effectively for disaster relief teams or even give off-grid hospitals, command centers or temporary schools a way to connect.

Ecosphere Technologies recently acquired a patent for the technology and build the first working PowerCube.

Credit: Ecosphere Technologies

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