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Below are some affiliate links for products that I support and can receive a “commision” for referring you to. And at the bottom is my Patreon link, if you are so inclined.

Humble Bundle
I love their ebook, comic book, and software deals. I have to link to individual products though… So, here’s a link to one item, but check out all of their bundles and items!

Spreaker / Podbean
Want to be a podcaster? Get one free month with my referral code/link: datawizard
Alternatively, Podbean offers an Individual Plan and a Business Plan – one month free via those links!

Geek Fuel
This is one of my favorite subscription boxes, I’ve been subscribed for a few years now! Anywho, here’s $5 off a box if you’d like to try it out.

Amazon Prime
Initially I got this because of the shipping, but I have loved so much of the video content! Try an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial
Our membership program offers special benefits including:
* Instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes
* Borrow Kindle books
* Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size)

Amazon Business
Do you buy things from Amazon for work? Create an Amazon Business Account.
It is the Amazon you love, for work. Make workplace procurement easier with convenient delivery options, simplified purchasing workflows, multiple payment options, and a competitive marketplace with business-only pricing and quantity discounts. Anyone who makes purchases for work (eg. procurement specialists, office administration, IT departments, etc.) can create a free account for their business.

I prefer reading a book to listening to it, but audio is much more convenient in our busy world, so Try Audible Plus with a free trial!
A brand new all-you-can-listen membership that offers access to thousands of titles, including a vast array of audiobooks, podcasts and originals that span genres, lengths, and formats.

Amazon Music
There’s a free version to, but first Try an Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial.
Listen to tens of millions of songs on any device anywhere, available for both Prime and Non-Prime members.

Any/all support financially helps me continue making these podcasts, and hopefully making them better!

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