Our First Mother’s Day

This was the first Mother’s Day for our little family.  My wife, Karah, has taken the time to put her thoughts and experiences down “on paper” for my blog.  Thanks babe!

Today was my first Mother’s Day as a Mom, and I LOVED it! We woke up and were kind of in a rush to get to church by 10:15. Today was not just Mother’s Day, but also the day that we stood before out church family and dedicated our lives to raise our baby girl in a way that glorifies and honors God.

After the church service and Baby Dedication we got together with a lot of my family members on my moms side as well as my Dad to celebrate both occasions. I really enjoy spending time with my family, always LOTS of laughs and interesting conversations!

After lunch Kyle, Jovi and I headed home to let out our dogs and exchange gifts (yes, I bought Kyle a small “Daddy present on Mommy’s Day”). I am a huge fan of Disney Pixar movies, and Toy Story is my absolute favorite; has been since I saw the first one. I opened my gift from Kyle… and it was ALL THREE! BEST GIFT EVER, and I didn’t even have the slightest clue that that was what I was getting.  I asked for them a while ago, when we found out that I was having a baby, because I knew that if I enjoyed them that Jovi would as well and it was important that she see them eventually.

When we finished our gift exchange we made a plan for the evening, and after Jovi took a nice, long, much-needed nap we headed out. First on my list of things I wanted to do… shopping of course! We went to the mall and looked around for about 30 minutes, and found 3 dresses for our little princess. We finished shopping and headed to dinner (my choice) at Grimaldi’s. We had a 30-45 minute wait so we walked along the waterway and went to Hubble & Hudson and tried some of the specialty sodas that they sold…root beer for me and cream soda for Kyle. After we apparently missed our buzzer going off we finally got seated and ordered. We waited another 30 minutes with no communication from our waitress for our food. With Jovi being fussy we decided to ask if they could go ahead and box the pizza up. Our waitress said yes and headed off. As soon as we got out pizza we inspected it (like always) and it was horribly burnt. We were frustrated and asked for another pizza and they were completely understanding. We got our fresh pizza and gift card for our bad experience and headed out to enjoy our dinner on the waterway. After over an hour wait for dinner I must say it was DELICIOUS!!

When we were headed home I decided that I wanted to splurge and have a blizzard from Dairy Queen that a friend of mine suggest

I try, and it was AMAZING! I ordered a small Confetti Cake blizzard and LOVED it! I could only eat a little bit of it but it was YUMMY!

Finally, my day is coming to an end and I am laying in bed snuggling with my two loves and thinking I could not have had a better first Mother’s Day if I planned it ALL myself.

Thank you Babe and my little JoJo Bean for the best Mother’s Day EVER! It’s going to be hard to top this day next year 😉










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  • May 14, 2012 at 10:23 AM

    Well that is just cool. It reminds me of way back in the day when we were just starting our family. Who knew we would have 7 children and all the joy that has been.


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