Montgomery County Eats & Treats

Montgomery County Eats & Treats is a food-focused show that is on a mission to find the best foods in Montgomery County, Texas.  Each month we will spend two hours discussing things to eat and places to try them.  I’m not a “food critic”, I’m a “food enthusiast”, I’d rather praise food and establishments than criticize them.  Each month I and two guests will be examining up to thirty dishes, picking our ten favorite dishes, and interviewing the restaurateur, chef, manager, or food truck owner associated with the “winning” dish!

We will be examining one food item and one desert item; discussing their history, place in pop culture, ingredients/recipe, and judging criteria.  Then going through the best ones in more detail and ending with an interview of the person responsible for our favorite!

If you are a restaurant manger or food truck manager please sing-up for our Contributors email list so that you can participate in an upcoming episode.

If you just want to listen, I want that too!  You can stay informed about upcoming episodes, local food events, and more by subscribing for our Listeners newsletter.

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