Marketing a Young Professional Event

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Hosting your first young professional networking event can definitely be an exciting endeavor and a stress inducing activity. There can be a lot of work involved especially in the marketing of the event and increasing the overall turnout. If you’re someone who doesn’t already have a massive network, then how do you create a large audience at your networking event? Here are a few tips that can help you understand how easy it can be to bring fellow professionals to your event.

Use Various Mediums: There are various ways to market your event, so it’s important not to only look at one marketing tool. When you diversify the websites you advertise on, then you open yourself up to new audiences that you might not have originally invited. It also can give you a more diverse crowd at your networking event. Websites like Eventbrite,, and Linkedin have different demographics that can allow you to bring different groups together. There are also apps like Shapr and Bumble that allow you to efficiently connect with other like-minded professionals in your area.

Understand Other Professionals: If you’re going to have people come out to your event you have to understand what drives them to do so. What are they trying to achieve by networking? For example, if they’re an upcoming filmmaker trying to make connections then you might want to invite other actors, directors, and investors that they would appreciate meeting. Strangers will not come to your event just to help you out if they can’t gain personal growth as well. Next time you speak to young professionals about your event, ask them what really inspires them and what their long-term goals might be.

Collaborate with Other Groups: There are many groups out there that would benefit from a collaboration and would be eager to attend a fun networking event. Collaborations with other young professional groups or nonprofits can offer increased attendance from the additional social media shout outs and a larger brand recognition within the local community. You can easily search online for local nonprofit chapters or young professional groups that are close to the niche you’re interested in.

Add Fun Elements: Networking events are supposed to be a fun time and everyone at the event should be enjoying themselves. You can definitely advertise fun elements that separate your event from average networking events. You can bring in a pro-bono photographer, specialty cocktail deals, trivia games, expert speakers, and many more options. Each of these will not just bring in extra attendance but also retain a happy audience.

Happy Networking!

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