A Little Hurricane Harvey Update

Air Date:  August 27, 2017

Description:  Everybody doing okay out there?

Quick little update “RE” Hurricane Harvey.  Where I am is largely unaffected.  Up in The Woodlands, there are people that getting water in their house, there are shopping centers that have quite a bit of water in them, um, at the same time it is not nearly as bad as it is down in Houston itself.  And for the people that are being affected negatively, I hope that, um, the losses are manageable and that they stay safe, and keep their family safe.  I know I made some jokes a couple of days ago, I’m still making jokes now regarding Harvey; people that are in it are still making jokes.  People are fishing in Galveston, people are in inner tubes in the street, because that’s how we deal with tragedy, we make jokes.  And, it’s a coping mechanism, and no disrespect is meant by it. So, I just hope everybody has, um, what they need to stay safe, has food and water, and, um, I hope that uh, looking back we can all make some good jokes about this.


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