Jovi Update 6/4/12

Jovi is crawling. It isn’t up on hands and knees crawling, it is much more spastic. She drags herself using her whole forearm and kicking her legs as much as possible, kind of command-crawling to her destination. Or she gets up on her hands and feet in a bear crawl position and just falls forward, moving along like this little by little. She mostly goes after our phones, keys, and the TV remote. Between crawling and rolling she gets from one end of the bed to the other pretty quick.

I don’t understand why Jovi fights sleep so much. She will wail and struggle for half an hour, or longer, and then all the sudden, she’s asleep. Why? What do babies dream about that could be so horrible that she wouldn’t want to go to sleep? Once she does get to sleep she is so cute. She sleeps in the best positions. She will be asleep and be holding her hands in front of her, palms facing in, and fingers spread apart. She also sleeps on her side sometimes with her head on one of her arms; just like Karah does (sleep habits are hereditary).

She is doing a good job of sitting up, even been in a high chair a couple of times. When she eats she is either in her bouncer or Bumbo. Sometimes we still use the bottle, when she is fussy it is just easier. She knows when it is time to eat. She recognizes the bib, she gets excited when she sees a bottle, and when the spoon is coming at her mouth she tries to grab it and shove it into her mouth.

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