Jovi Update 5/7/2012

Jovi is staying awake longer, and is much more active during these times.  We’ve been playing many exciting games like “peek-a-boo”, “try to sit up”, and “let go of my hair”.  Just last night Jovi turned five months old. Now we have started her on more than just breast milk, last night she had some brown rice cereal.  We went to Galveston for a few hours on Saturday, Karah had a photo shoot.  Jovi slept most of the way there and back in the car. But she doesn’t like being in the car at night, so we have to have the light on inside and Karah rides in the back seat with Jovi until she falls asleep.  She arches her back when we go to take her out of the car seat, and has stated to resist/complain about being put in it sometimes.  She wants to put everything in her mouth, like babies do; and it is quite funny to see her reach for my glass of Coke at restaurants.  She does like it when we put her pacifier in some cold water before giving it to her, all part of teething (I’m told). She has outgrown all her newborn clothing, so we’re packing it all up in case we have another baby girl in the future.

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