Jovi Update 5/14/12

It is crazy how fast they grow-up. Jovi can bring herself, without assistance, from a partially reclined position to sitting up and will catch herself if she starts to fall over. We also had a dedication ceremony at our church this week, coinciding with Mother’s Day. She has also slept through the night once!

In my last post I mentioned Jovi eating brown rice cereal. Basically we mix two ounces of breast milk, one ounce of water, and four teaspoons of “Brown Rice Cereal for baby”. This is the last thing she eats at night, at about 11PM, before we put her to bed. She is also able to hold her own bottle, we’ve got a skilled one (I may be biased there…)

(Karah likes to take photos with Instagram.)

We keep buying her clothes. This kid is so spoiled, she has I don’t how many outfits, but she has three more now; some cute little spring/summer clothes that were on sale at Macy’s kids.

Why do babies like being naked? Jovi is happy in just a diaper, rolling around on the bed and trying to sit-up. And of course she likes when I blow on her stomach to make farting noises, because babies also like farting (I keep telling her it is not lady-like, but she doesn’t listen). She has started with this arm whacking thing too, she will sit there and slam her hand down. When she does this with her pacifier in her hand I keep thinking to myself “how do I prevent her from learning how to throw stuff?” She will also make this cute little face where she sucks in her bottom lip, it reminds me of a frog; sometimes she flips it in and out real quick.

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