I’ve known him ever since I met him…

Air Date:  August 12, 2017

Description:  Ever say something that makes sense, but also doesn’t make sense at the same time?

Alright, so, I’m going to change the names to protect the innocent, but I heard the best sentences earlier.  One guy was talking to another guy about a third person, and says “I’ve known Terry ever since I met him.”  THAT’S HOW EVERYBODY WORKS!  You’ve known everybody since you met them, the moment you met them is when you started knowing them.  But it gets better!  Because, the person he’s talking to points how how ridiculous what he says is, and he’s like “Whoa, whoa, wait you interrupted me.  You didn’t let me finish.” He says, “I’ve known Terry ever since I met him AND Caleb.” That literally changes NOTHING!  Nothing got changed…  I just found that hilarious.


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