I’m Back, Kind Of

Okay, it has been a much longer hiatus than I planned; I’m finally ready to get back to writing things people don’t read!

Life has been a bit overwhelming for me lately, there is the issue with my unborn daughter (Turner Syndrome) which my wife has written about over the last couple of months and I will address myself in the coming weeks, as well as other issues at home and work – but all that other stuff is a real downer and uninteresting.

I am not doing a giveaway this month, but will start back with that in July – I have some fun ones for you (at least I think their fun, and if you don’t I’d recommend not trying to win them).

I am going to be less ambitious with blogging this go around; previously I set high expectations for myself and constantly failed to achieve my stated goals.  This is something I’m tired of doing, not just with the blog but in life in general.  I am still a firm believer in high standards (in all parts of life), knowing what you need and want, and not compromising or settling for a dissatisfactory resolution; I am also becoming more aware of my own limits and the need to set realistic goals, which can be done without lessing quality or betraying my ideals.

I purposely did not set a picture for this post.

Thank you for all those who have taken the time to read this, other posts on this blog, and connect with me on social media.

Now, I’ve got a dance recital to watch of two of my favoritest people in the whole wide everything everywhere of all time.

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