How to Save Money on Christmas Decorations

Each year the day after Christmas all the trees, wrapping paper, lights, candy, and more get discounted about 50%.  The discounts get gradually larger as the days progress, and the selection dwindles.  Personally, we load up on wrapping paper, boxes, gift bags, and greeting cards for the year at Target.  You can find non-Christmas items if you try, we bought a roll of Disney Princess paper, Planes (the movie) paper, Avenger’s paper, and a nice pink “stripey” paper.  Candy tastes just as good no matter how it is shaped or colored, right?  Christmas M&Ms are my favorite to buy, they taste great and are even easier to sort by color (yes, I eat my M&Ms by color).

Want to get some clothes?  Not everything on sale will win you first-place in an ugly sweater contest next year.

mens sweater

There are things on sale just because it is the end of the year, they are kinda associated with Christmas or more generally winter, and now is a good time to get those at a steal.

womens sweater

Anyone looking for a tree, get one after Christmas, we just got one half-off at Garden Ridge (another good place to get decorations on sale) 7.5 ‘ pre-lit half-off! Last year we got a ton of lights at Target and Wal-Mart. A few other good places to check for things on sale this time or year are Lowes, Barnes & Nobel (“seasonal” books go on sale too (as does the Star Wars Advent Calendar)), Kroger, and Hobby Lobby.

This same mentality goes with all the major “decoratable” holidays, like Easter, Halloween, and Groundhog’s Day.

Where is your favorite place to hit after the holidays for some good deals?


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