How Not to Clean Out the Car

I did something stupid, and it will become evident what I did before I reveal what it was, but then I’ll expound a little on how bad a decision it was.

It was two days before Jovi’s birthday party, I had to clean out the car.  We were also cleaning the house and unpacking things still so we had lots of trash piled by the front door so it could be put out on the curb on trash day, the same day as Jovi’s party.  I still had to rake the lawn too (14 bags of leaves for that).   So I grabbed a couple trash bags and put all the trash in one and the keep stuff in another.  I put the trash bag in the entry way and put the keep bag in the playroom/front room.  I spent the next couple hours raking leaves into piles and weed-eating.  It was dark so I put the equipment inside; we had dinner, and did other things indoors.112527-glowing-green-neon-icon-transport-travel-transportation-car5

Next morning I get up and finish bagging leaves and cleaning more, more trash piles up by the door.  Night time, Jovi’s party is tomorrow, it’s about 3 AM (I’m usually up till 12/1 on Friday nights, but we had stuff to get done).  I decide to take out the trash.  I pile up all the bags with leaves and all the bags with trash from inside – out by the mail box, and go to bed.  When Karah gets up in to morning she’s all “great, you took out all that trash” and I’m all “ya, I’m good like that”.

Jovi’s party goes done, we start getting ready for Christmas events, etc.  Karah really wanted to wear these brown boots she has to Christmas, but we couldn’t find them; she probably just left them at her mom’s.

A couple weeks after Christmas she checks her mom’s house, boots aren’t there, they’re not in the closet, their not packed away, they’re not in the car.  Also, some papers I had are missing and a present we bought for my sister-in-law is nowhere to be found; Karah thinks we left it at Target, I remember putting it in the trunk when we left the store… unfortunately I was right about it being in the trunk.

111277-glowing-green-neon-icon-business-trashcan3Figure it out?  I threw away the keep bag.  Nice pair of leather boots, paperwork, magazines, some clothing, Meagan’s present, pacifiers, cups, etc.  All thrown away.  I estimate it to be a $300 mistake, but we haven’t been able to find the same gift, Karah really liked those boots, still waiting on copies of the paperwork, and can’t remember every little thing that was in that bag.  Karah figured it out, when I said I needed to clean out the car out again it clicked with her, “Could you have thrown my brown boots away?”  Really ticks me off that I did that, and then it took six weeks to figure out (at first I didn’t believe I could be that dumb, but I am/was).

I don’t clean out the car with trash bags anymore, which takes longer.  And we’re doing a better job of not letting things pile up (which can happen quickly once you’ve got a kid in ther with you if you’re not careful).

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