Home: for the Holidays (Dreamworks) #25XmasMovies

“Home: for the Holidays” by Dreamworks is a “made for tv movie” style animated short film (about 45 minutes) available on Netflix.  It uses the characters from the Netflix “Home” series based on the fantastic film of the same name.

Netflix Description:  Christmas cookies. Carolers. Cocoa. Latkes. It’s the magic of the holiday season, as seen through the eyes of a boov.

I’m not a huge fan of the Home series, but found this film entertainin.  The Boov do not know what Christmas is, so Tip introduces Oh to the holiday.  Music-filled antics ensue as they try to introduce the concept of Christmas to the rest of the Boov.  Rather than do a full review, I’m just going to point out some “highlights”:

Ginger-buff-men (don’t google that, unless you like muscled red-headed guys, which are great, but not what is meant in the movie).

One small but poignant point for me was when Oh pointed out that there were no Boov in the Christmas displays.  Intended or not, I found this a good commentary on how often times non-target demographics are excluded from a piece of media.

“Dang I rented this sign.”  on a sign.

I always like a good twist on the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (from the Nutcracker ballet).

Ben Schwartz.  Ben Schwartz rapping.  Ben Schwartz loving latkes.  Ben Schwartz rapping about latkes.

The song sung by Tip and Oh as Chicago is ripped from the ground by stars surrounding the planet Earth light a strand of Christmas lights is pretty good! (Trust me, that scenario makes sense if you watch the movie.)

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