Hello 2013

2013This would have been better to post on the first, but oh well. I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, but I am at a turning point in my life and in the year (now that holidays are over) and do have several things I want to do.

Here’s how Karah, Jovi, and I spent New Year’s Eve:
1. Shopping at Target. Between the day after Christmas and the week after New Years you can get Christmas stuff at a discounted rate, by New Year’s Eve product is usually discounted 70-80% and they still have a decent selection. So we bought all the wrapping paper, bows, cards, etc that we would need for next year. Aside from normal sales, stores at this time, like Target, are also trying to get rid of old items so they have space for all the new “models” of what they sell (LEGO sets, dishes, etc). We averaged 60% in savings.
2. Cleaning and organizing for a garage sale. We are minimizing and focusing on quality over quantity. At the end of this month we will be selling as much of our stuff as we can, and donating the rest.

We went to Khols on New Year’s Day for the same type of savings as we got at Target.

I enjoy fireworks, but with Jovi asleep, it being cold and wet, and having better things to spend money on right now we didn’t go to any show or buy our own.

I plan on making many more contributions to the blog this year than I did last year, hopefully you like it. A New Way To Watch TV will also be going through some big changes and growing quite a bit this year.

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