GUEST POST: The Top Best Keyword Research Tools

Do you have a website or blog? If yes then surely every day you tried different methods to obtain success in the search engine rankings. The main focus when wanting to rank the website is obviously doing SEO the right way. There are generally two types of SEO, on page & off page. These two are just part of SEO. The truth is SEO is not a small thing which can be implemented in just a few days. If you ask someone to explain SEO in 15 minutes it will be covered but when it comes to implement it, well that really requires lots of patience of months or even years.

There are many ways to boost your rankings such as high quality articles, image optimization, fast page loading speed and much more. But the first step we generally do is writing articles. It is good to write keyword optimized articles. Most people use the Google Keyword tool, but do you know that there are tons of other tools available which helps you to research keywords with more depth. In The Top Best Keyword Research Tools I am going to share the list of tools which you can use as an alternate for Google Keyword tool.

Top Best Keyword Research Tools

top best keyword tools

This is a new keyword tool which I really like. This tool shows all suggested terms on one page. In other words it shows all the terms related to the keyword which you enter. I recommend you this tool if you are looking to write about new things. Google’s autocomplete feature generally shows the results which are generally researched by people. On the other hand Google keyword tool suggest you the result based on old data.

WordStream Keyword Tool

top keyword tools

WordStream Keyword Tool features customized searches by filtering adult keywords or “nichefying” results. It conjointly offers choices for characteristicly negative keywords, keyword grouping, and finding keyword niches. The full, paid version delivers thousands of results for a few keywords, with the highest
being over a hundred. You will surely appreciate this tool when researching keywords.


keyword tools wordtracker

Wordtracker gives you high-performing keywords in minutes via its simple & easy user interface. It shows you what folks are looking for and offers you a large number of suggestions for keyword phrases. To start your researching you need a free account. I think it is a good idea to give this tool a try. I bet you will use this tool every time.

SEO Book Keyword Tool

SEO Book Keyword Tool gives you full detailed report once you enter your keyword. It generates results not just for Google but it goes beyond to Bing & Yahoo which makes this tool different from others. This is the reason why I listed it in the top best keyword research tools. It shows you results from Google Synonyms, Google counsel, Google Trends, Keyword Discovery & Yahoo! Counsel. It also links to vertical databases like Google Blogsearch, & Topix.


best keyword tools ubersuggest

Ubersuggest makes sensible use of Google counsel and alternative counsel services. You’ll instantly get thousands of keyword concepts from real user queries. It conjointly offers vertical results for pictures, news, video, recipes & shopping.

Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye helps you alter your keyword analysis. This is little bit different from the above tools because it shows you keywords in ascending to descending order. The keywords are then sorted according to search volume. It is similar to the features which you generally use in Google Keyword tool but believe me it will feel effortless when you use this tool. If you want to use this tool free then you get some limitations. You are allowed only 10 free keyword searches per day, along with a hundred results delivered per report.

Hope you like Top Best Keyword Research Tools list. The tools are the best alternatives for Google Keyword tool. Some are not free but as you know good things usually come with a price tag. But don’t worry if you are a newbie and recently started a blog or website. In that case then just go for free keyword tools. But if you can afford any of these tools then don’t hesitate to purchase. If you are using any other Keyword research tool which I didn’t mention here then feel free to drop your suggestions in the below comment box so we all can all benefit.


Submitted by Aly Chiman.

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