Is the FBI Profiling “Personal Ads”?

Air Date:  August 11, 2017

Description:  Maybe I’ve seen too many Criminal Minds episodes, but this raises some red flags:
SWM, 50s, LF SWF/SHF, early 20s, w/o family who likes to travel

So I like to pick up the “Hometown Shopper” a free newspaper where I look at the personals, because I’m interested in romance; always a fan of somebody finding that special someone in their life. But there’s an ad that’s been catching my eye for the last couple of months in a row: “Single white male, fifties,looking for single white female, or single Hispanic female, early twenties, with no family, who likes to travel”. I’m all for somebody finding love, I’m also all for the FBI setting up a profile on this fifty-year-old dude who wants to find a twenty-something who doesn’t have any connections to ask where she is when she goes on a trip with him.

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