Fat Cat Problems*


Feline obesity is a touchy subject for all of us. We are very proud of the way we care for our pets and being told our cat is overweight implies that somehow we missed the mark of being a “good parent”. We might be overweight ourselves and sensitive about it. We might be busy with our careers and the one way we can show our pets how much we love them is to give them extra special treats so they will know how much they mean to us. In fact, oftentimes it is the people who take the best care of their pets that overfeed them. There really is no way to sugar coat having an overweight pet. Sooner or later you have to face the fact that you are jeapardizing your pet’s health.. The facts are that obesity in pets (and people) can lead to: – Joint, ligament, tendon and arthritis problems – Diabetes – this is a very serious disease – Pancreatitis—can be fatal – Respiratory Problems and Heart Disease – Susceptibility to other diseases that can lead to an early death What are you waiting for? Take a real look at your pet’s health using the test below. If you are like many pet owners, you will shrug it off and go on thinking your pet is just fine. But, if you really love your pet, Ask Ariel can help you continue to give your pet treats and wonderful food, but using different choices and quantities. Test: Is my pet overweight? – When viewed from above, can you EASILY view your pet’s waist? (if not, your pet is overweight – there should be a clear demarcation between his waist and ribs) – When you feel his ribs, are you met by multiple layers of skin and fat or are they EASILY felt under a thin layer? (multiple layers=excess fat) Do not despair – Ask Ariel has developed a comprehensive weight loss plan that you and your pet can do together. The Buddy Diet is a great way for you and your pet to bond, have fun and lose weight. Please note: portions are critical. Using a measuring cup and setting aside the day’s treats will be very helpful. However, just restricting food isn’t the answer – food choices are extremely important. Certain foods will help quench your pet’s appetite and others will make him or her more hungry. Ask Ariel will develop a nutritious healthy diet for your pet that will result in weight loss without compromising on nutrition. The Buddy Diet has proven results – -it really works! The Buddy Diet is a weight-loss program for you and your pet. Susan Davis will develop a program that works for both of you. It’s a great way for you to bond, build your health and lose weight together. Great gift idea too! All family members need to be on board for a diet to be successful. Schedule a family consultation with Susan Davis. Be sure to have your cat’s thyroid function checked by your veterinarian. A hypothyroid condition can lead to poor coat quality, sluggishness, constipation and weight gain. If so, natural supplements such as kelp and Ask Ariel’s Biothyroid glandular product can enhance thyroid function and your cat’s overall metabolism. Cats, more typically in older ages, develop a hyperthyroid condition so this would not apply to them.

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