Dear Sega, Bring Back the Genesis

Dear Sega,

I would like to help you make many more millions of dollars. Why are you not profiting from the Sega Genesis anymore? Remember that? The thing that made you a household name? You can still make good money with it.

I’m not talking about selling the system on store shelves or online. There are a dozen decent free emulators out there for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. And there are some good sites for downloading roms too, as illegal those may be. But this scenarios means using your computer, it’s just not natural. I grew up with a controller in my hand looking at a tv screen in front of me, pushing buttons with my thumbs without glancing down or having to bend my wrist in an awkward position like I do on my laptop or keyboard.

There is a way for you to rejuvenate the system, monetize it, and make it easy for consumers to access: GoogleTV. Here me out. Develop an emulator to run as an app on GoogleTV products (Android development), and then a controller app for your phone; it would utilize the Anymote Protocol. Allow people to download the Sega Genesis for GoogleTV app and the controller app for free, you could even include one game (such as the first Sonic). Then have the official Sega Rom List, people can purchase each game from that list within the app for $1.

Anyone who enjoyed gaming in the 90s will download your app, and if you do it right they’ll each buy a few games, I’d get about twenty myself. In the app you would of course also advertise your new games, ones coming out on other systems. You should be able to create this app relatively quickly.

So what do you think Sega? Care to have a new revenue stream? Cater to your fans, and even attract some new ones?

Kyle Souza

P.S. – If you don’t someone else will.

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