Chinese Company 3D Prints 10 Houses In One Day

Need a house in a hurry? A Chinese engineering company says it produced 10 full-sized homes in less than a day using an enormous 3-D printer.

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The design and engineering company WinSun created the houses for a site in Shanghai in record time using a massive 3-D printer invented by its chief executive Ma Yihe, the BBC reported. The printing array, located in Suzhou, is about 100 feet long, 33 feet wide and 26 feet tall, according to the site

The 3-D printing array contains multi-directional automated sprayers that shoot out a combination of cement and construction waste in layers, the news site Xinhua reported. Each wall is then printed layer-by-layer. Proprietary technology in the machine dries the material quickly. A WinSun press release says the system took 12 years to develop.

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“e can print building with any digital design our customers bring us,” Yihe told Xinhua. ”It’s fast and cheap.” Using the 3-D printing array, the company says it produced 10 separate one-story homes in less than 24 hours. Each 650-square-foot home apparently cost under $5,000 to produce. This changes how I think about a “housing project,” that’s for sure.

Credit: WinSun,

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