Bob’s Broken Sleigh #25XmasMovies

Bob’s Broken Sleigh is an animated feature about an error-prone elf with an affinity for technology.  Always meaning well, he often messes things up, and is relegated to “poopervisor” duties (he mucks the reindeer stables) as he is the only elf without magic.  Also, Santa’s security force is on the lookout for Fishface, a giant puffin that was put on the naughty list and took it quite personally (he doesn’t even get coal).  I’ll stop there so I don’t give away any spoilers.

The animation is pretty second-rate, standard for imported and low-budget cg films.  There are plenty of Christmas puns and other jokes, some are pretty good.  There are some interesting fantasy creatures too.

Young kids, age seven and below, would probably enjoy this film.

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